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Disaster Management plan

             The Disaster Management Plan is prepared by District Police Administration and there for required to meet such contingency / situation, arising out of large scale public dis-order, to maintain law and order situation in affected areas, shifting people to safer places, help the victims of Natural calamities, Providing medical relief, money and other essential items headed by victims, control the riots, communal harmony, rehabilitation. Which may affect large section of society. The implementation of the Disaster Management plan will help in maintaining law and order and restoring public confidence in the administration. We are facing so many calamities in our life. But the following Disasters are very important for district Hisar, which are vulnerable.



The aims of the Disaster Management Plan are:

  1. To maintain law and order.

  2. Providing information on time, to the people about the danger Calamity.

  3. Shifting people to safer places.

  4. Making arrangement for food, shelter, and medicines for the affected people.

  5. To protect vital installations and ensure smooth functioning of essential services.

  6. To maintain communal harmony in riots.

  7. To provide protection to the public property in general and Govt. property in particular.

  8. Take such measures, as may be necessary to prevent occurrence of any disaster relating to fires, accidents, epidemics and industrial or chemical disasters.

  9. To mitigate the above disasters by having systems in place to minimize the loss of life and damage of property.

  10. Have regular and effective training of Govt. officials and volunteers.  In this connection the Disaster Management Plan of this district would aim at making clear job description and responsibilities for personnel so that there is no confusion on role of various officials and agencies.  

  11. Have an effective response time so that relief and rescue is conducted immediately.

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